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H&S provides high level, personal services to small businesses and individuals.

Small Business Services

Every business over $1MM in revenue needs a professional managing their financial operations.  You no longer need to hire someone as an employee to do this.  You turn the financial operations of your business over to us.  For one monthly payment (no payroll taxes, no insurance, no retirement benefits) your financial operation is now on solid ground. 
We run your business from our office – This includes, but is not limited to, compliance work, managing your cash flow, and running budgets and projections.  We also will handle risk management (insurance etc) and finding necessary capital for you.  When handling tax compliance, since we are running your financial operations monthly we insure that taxes are continually minimized.
We will prepare the internal documents needed to protect against any long term financial risk.  This includes managing risk on changes in ownership via death, new partners in or old partners leaving , marital changes and family succession.

Individual Services

We also do work around just individuals and their need for financial security.  This includes filing tax returns but that is just the beginning.  The tax return is a window into what an individual does and what they have.  We take that info for the present but then ask the questions where they want to go.  From there we develop retirement strategies, college education funding, proper choice of tax favored retirement plans, estate plan, long term health planning and possible development of other revenue streams.

Our Take On Customer Service

First and foremost – COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE and COMMUNICATE.  We scope the project to determine what is needed, we then price the project and set a delivery date.  SCOPE, PRICE AND DELIVER – all communicated in advance with clarity and making sure both we and you understand every nuance.   COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST ON BOTH OUR PARTS.


We are proud of our strategies and processes that serve our clients so well.


Real Estate Development

Oil & Gas

Call Centers

Business Brokerage





Insurance Brokerage

Retail & Wholesale

Physicians and Suppliers

Estates & Trust

Stock Brokerage



Terry Hutchens, CPA


Business valuations, optimizing company’s profitability, Assist with business structure and capitalization. Personal financial planning re: Individual tax strategies, retirement and estate needs

Nathan Sheppard

Partner, QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Information technology planning for small businesses, CFO consulting on contract basis for small businesses, Individual tax consulting and preparation.

EST. 2009
Accountants and Advisors Securing Your Future.
High level, personal services to small businesses and individuals.

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